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The Homemade Cosmetic Creator & Her Generational Remedies


Our Foundation

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Michelinepb1975 is a full service cosmetic company who creates natural products to heal and rejuvenate the skin. The owner Micheline, is a proud Haitian American woman married to an US Army Veteran Ret. Disable Veteran, she states that her plan is to take the business all the way to the top and beyond. With a daughter pursuing a master’s degree at the University level, this dynamic business owner plans to work on her dream of bringing to the masses her healing products for chronic skin conditions as well as aged skin.

The homemade cosmetic creator is poised this winter to launch two businesses via her social media TV channel. The TV show will primarily guide individuals on how to prepare healthy nutritional food for both body and mind.

Micheline goes back to her roots

A few years ago, Micheline literally had to go back to her roots when she encountered two devastating medical diagnosis in her family but she was encouraged when her grandmother’s herbal remedies provided improved healthy quality of life for both herself and her husband. Micheline and her husband became healthy after needing surgery for kidney failure but it changed when they eat and drank natural herbs during the dialysis process and her traumatic brain tumor surgery.

The Aftermath

Fully recovered from her surgery and providing free samples of her healing products to many, Micheline decided that it was time to go from the kitchen table to the world. In all her experiences, this caring woman was always careful to thank her personal Savior for seeing her and family through the troublesome times. Micheline truly feels that Micheline 12 Star products belong to the world because plants and herbs were created for improving the quality of life for you and me.


What our Customers say...

“ I have used Michelinepb1975’s deodorant and I can testify that my sensitive underarms healed and didn’t get irritated. The product also has a nice clean scent without being overpowering. “

Customer Name

Florida, USA


"I had really bad eczema and my aunt suggested that I use the Michelinepb1975 cream and I gained relief from the itching and dryness. I am thankful that I found the product."

Customer Name

Florida, USA


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